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Development - Saddleback Associates, Inc.

Over the course of the last 35 years, Saddleback has developed over 500 properties throughout mainly Southern California, along with Northern California, Nevada, and Arizona. Most all of these projects stick to a similar site plan where each free standing building sits on it’s own individual parcel. This enables buyers / tenants to have exclusive parking rights, ample parking for office expansion, ease of access to their warehouse, and the option to fence and have a secure yard area. These smaller sized building layouts and site plans have enabled Saddleback to successfully sell and lease most all of their development projects according to projections. Click the link below to see some sample site plans, lay outs, and marketing brochures of our typical development projects. Due to current market conditions, it should be noted that Saddleback has not developed any new projects since 2007, so we have no current projects to display. Until market conditions change Saddleback does not plan or seek out any new development projects at this time and is more interested in acquiring similar property types.

Below is a list of recent developments since 1998 (newest to oldest)
Development Name Location Number of Buildings
Park West Las Vegas, NV 15 81,700 PDF 
Post Las Vegas, NV 16 90,981 PDF
Palm Desert Palm Desert, CA 12 64,035 PDF
Tracy Business Park Tracy, CA 12 60,130  PDF 
Gibson Henderson, NV 12 62,098 PDF
Madison Murrieta, CA 1 (5 office condos) 12,264  PDF 
Buecking Murrieta, CA 1 (10 office condos) 23,709 PDF
Adams Murrieta, CA 6 32,553  PDF
Crossroads Murrieta, CA 14 42,808   PDF 
Creekside Murrieta, CA 12 64,258  PDF 
Esperanza Phase 2 Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 17 106,324  PDF 
Esperanza Phase 1 Ranhco Santa Margarita, CA 9  61,798  PDF 
Tomas Ranhco Santa Margarita, CA 12  73,825  PDF 
Foothill Ranch Foothill Ranch, CA 2 19,867 PDF
Azusa Azusa, CA 15 82,264 PDF
Banderas Rancho Santa Margariat, CA 10 59,700  PDF 
Commerce Center Temecula 16 78,701  PDF 
Empresa Rancho Santa Margarita 16 96,700 PDF
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